The Charles & Chase Group offers you the experience and reliability you are looking for when building or renovation schools and other educational facilities. Please see below a selection of construction projects we were involved in.


Tulane University – Primate Research Center – Construction Consulting

Project Locations: Covington, LA

The project consisted of construction consulting and bid document review for two educational research facilities.  The Regional Biocontainment Laboratory is 38,000 square foot and is designed to house non-human primate and small animals. The interior space includes holding areas, surgical and necropsy suites, procedure rooms, BSL-3 laboratory space, and office spaces.  Consulting also was provided for the 23,000 square foot Building C and Cage Wash renovation / addition. Charles & Chase thoroughly reviewed bid documents to identify design conflicts, interdisciplinary coordination and constructability issues within the bid documents. Additionally, we provided engineering peer review of the bid documents to ensure that the engineered system designed in the bid documents will meet the original design objectives.

Harvard Business School – Construction Consulting

Project Location: Boston, MA

The project consisted of construction consulting services for two projects on the 40-acre campus. The first project, a building replacement cost analysis, included an onsite examination of all 33 buildings on the HBS campus with a detailed replacement cost estimate for 16 of the buildings. The 33 buildings represent more than 1.5 million square feet of space.

The second project for HBS consisted of pre-construction cost analysis for a new building, “Building C,” which will include 75,000 sq. ft. of space in three above-ground floors and 50,000 sq. ft. of parking space in two levels below ground level. The new building will include classrooms, faculty offices, student group rooms, admissions, a dining club, and a boardroom with open forum in the middle of the building which will feature audio/visual conferencing capabilities.

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